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Men Playing Bocce in San Giovanni in Fiore


Fratelli Alinari, founded in 1852 in Florence, Italy, claims to be the world's oldest photography archive, of over 3.5 million images of artwork, world cultures, famous persons, and most interestingly, of Italian daily life over the many years they have been in business

On their website, they have a bookstore offering books of some of their photography collections, and books on photography in general. 

The Alinari archive is used in photographic shows around the world, and several thousand of the images are available for commercial and educational uses. Alinari Brothers' Books Below


But to start's an image that is not for sale.  This is a print I own, one of my favorites.  It was a promotional gift, along with some other Alinari photographs, when I purchased a newspaper in Italy.  It is from 1900 and shows a Chianti wine deliveryman with the straw-covered Chianti bottles stacked and tied down on his cart.  I find it amazing!  And I find it wonderful that the Alinari photographer thought it was amazing enough to deserve to be photographed.



























Here are some books of Alinari photographs available via