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Birth of Venus (detail) by Botticelli



Portrait of Cecilia Gallarani by Leonardo



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Madonna della Granduca by Raphael


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Amy Steedman

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Knights of Art

Amy Steedman published the Knights of Art: Stories of the Italian Painters in 1907.  It is now in the public domain, no longer covered by copyright, and available at Gutenberg, the public domain text site on the web. 

I have taken the text and added images of various works by the artists whose lives are profiled. 

While the book was originally written with young adults in mind, the beautifully written lives are entertaining for older adult readers, too. 

Just click on the artist's name below to view the chapter dedicated to him and some images of his works that I have added to help illustrate the text. 


The Artists

Giotto, 1276-1337 

Fra Angelico, 1387-1466

Masaccio, 1401-1428

Fra Filippo Lippi, 1412-1469

Sandro Botticelli, 1446-1610

Domenico Ghirlandaio, 1449-1494

Filippino Lippi, 1467-1604

Pietro Perugino, 1446-1624

Leonardo da Vinci, 1462-1619

Raphael, 1483-1620

Michelangelo, 1476-1664

Andrea del Sarto, 1487-1631

Giovanni Bellini, 1426-1616

Vittore Carpaccio, 1470?-1619

Giorgione, 1477?-1610

Titian, 1477-1676

Tintoretto, 1662-1637

Paul Veronese, 1628-1688



Amy Steedman

Amy Steedman lived and wrote around the year 1900.  She was a British author of books for children, often on religious subjects (Saints), but also about literature (Dickens) and art (Italian Artists).  

She wrote at a time when there was no state sponsored schooling in Britain, so her books were often used as texts for home- schooled children and at private academies. 


Lives of Saints

There are other stories by Amy Steedman available on-line from her book Stories of Saints for Little Children, and two other works.  

You can read them on-line by clicking on the saint's name below, or you can download the entire collection as an HTML document from the Catholic Forum.

Augustine of Canterbury
Augustine of Canterbury
Augustine of Hippo
Bridget of Ireland
Catherine of Siena
David of Wales
Edward the Confessor
Fra Angelico
Francis of Assisi
Hugh of Lincoln
Margaret of Scotland
Martin of Tours
Nicholas of Myra


You can use this Amazon search box to find books/DVDs about the various artists and saints.