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The Venice of Canaletto, and Post-Card Art of Venice


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The Piazzetta Looking South-West to Santa Maria della Salute by Canaletto (1730-40)



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Web Gallery of Art of Canaletto



Canaletto (Antonio Canal)

(b.1697d.1768)  Venetian born, Canaletto studied with his father, Bernardo Canal, a theatrical scene painter.  He studied in Rome, and painted throughout Europe.

In Venice, he painted the Venetian scenes he's best known for:  far-off vistas, detailed scenes of daily life in Venice, architectural accuracy, broad views, rich colors.  Some of his most famous works are:  

  • View on the Grand Canal
  • and Regatta on the Grand Canal (National Galleries, London);
  • Church of Santa Maria Della Salute (Louvre, Paris);
  • View of Venice (Gli Uffizi Galleries, Florence);
  • and The Piazzetta, Venice (Metropolitan Museum of Art, N.Y.). 


Post-Card Art

In the days before cameras became common-place items in a tourist's bag, visitors to towns would purchase picture post-cards as remembrances of their journey.  

The cards were reproductions of drawings, with colors added.  To the modern eye, the effect is charmingly nostalgic of the 'Grand Tour' era of travel.




La Piazzetta (1733-35)



View of the Grand Canal (1735)



Rialto Bridge from the South (1735)



Regatta on the Grand Canal (1732)



Doge Palace (1725)



Grand Canal Looking South-West (1738)



Piazza San Marco Looking South-East (1735-40)



 Bridge of Sighs



 Rialto Bridge






 San Giorgio Island



 Grand Canal



 Rio San Bernardo



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