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These are some of the beautiful illustrations from the 1924 book About Bunnies available to read on-line in English and Italian from The Rosetta Project.

















































Children's books in Italian to purchase from

Here are three bi-lingual books for young English-speaking children to help them learn Italian, with cassettes, coloring books, stories.

And I have another page on this site with lots of books for Italophile children.








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Classic Poetry and Stories for Children - The Best Things in Life are Free 


Two new finds 

Prayers for Children in Italian

Nursery Rhymes in Italian (Filastrocche)

Dienne IT and Pianeta Bimbi - Fables

Didatica e Nuovo Tecnolgie, Teaching and New Technologies, offers a listing of stories in Italian for children to read on-line.

Most are texts transcribed.  These two are scanned books with the illustrations.

Alice in Wonderland - Alice nel paese delle meraviglie

Alice in Wonderland - Alice nel paese delle meraviglie

Pianeta Bimbi offers illustrated, one-page fables with morals in Italian.


The Rosetta Project - Antique Children's Books

The Rosetta Project has one of the largest collection of antique children's books on-line.

They've scanned the beautifully illustrated books, and provided translations into various languages, including Italian. 

The books are in English, but at the press of a button "Italiano", the Italian translation appears.

If you're teaching your child Italian, it's a good resource.  You can read the English and then read the same passage in Italian.

Be sure to visit the site's main page to learn more about them and how to make a donation.  And volunteers are always welcome for translations of their books into other languages.  Just visit their Volunteers page for information on how to contribute.


Books (Rosetta) with Italian Translations

Here are direct links to their books with Italian translations (click the Italiano button at the bottom of each book page).

1-2-3 Picture Book
ABC Bicycle Book
About Bunnies
Adventure of Walter and the Rabbits
Adventures of Sonny Bear
Aladdin, or The Wonderful Lamp
Away We Go
Beauty and the Beast and Other Stories
The Bee Who Would Not Work
Bunny Brothers
Cat's Cradle
The Creation of Woman
Daisy Dingle
David Copperfield
The Doings of Bobby and Betty
Eddie Elephant
Five Little Pigs
Four Footed Folk
Greta and Peter in Good Luck Land
The King of the Golden River
Little Babs
Little Karl
The Little Red Balloon
The Little Red Hen
Louis Wain Kitten Book
My First Book
My New Book
The Night Before Christmas
Nixie Bunny in Manners-Land
Peeps the Really Truly Sunshine Fairy
Peter Rabbit
Ring O' Roses
The Robber Kitten
Robin Hood
The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin
Take Your Place In The Forest
The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher
Tales of Little Cats
The Three Bears
Three Blind Mice
Three Little Pigs
Tin y Tina
The Ugly Duckling
Wee Tony
Winkle, Twinkle and Lollypop

Here are a few I've read:

About Bunnies

This is a charming 1924 picture book (see the images on this page) that tells the story of bunnies who munch on a man's garden.

David Copperfield

This is the story of David Copperfield told for children. from 1926.  There are some charming drawings to accompany the simplified text.

The Doings of Bobby and Betty

This beautiful book is from 1928 and is from a series of books about brother and sister Bobby and Betty.  Nearly every page is illustrated with either a silhouette or a color drawing showing in amusing detail children's clothing of the era.

Five Little Pigs

From 1903, this book illustrates the Mother Goose story of The Five Little Pigs.

Little Karl

Little Karl, from 1918, wears a cap, scarf, patched pants and wooden clogs.  The book tells the story of a Dutch family and is beautifully illustrated with full color Dutch-costumed country folk.

The Little Red Hen

The hen and her three chicks plant and harvest wheat, then have it milled, bake bread and eat it, from 1938.

Louis Wain Kitten Book

Rhyming lines about kittens are accompanied by sweet illustrations, in this picture book from 1910-20.

My First Book

This is an early reader written by a 'reading specialist' from 1927.  Each page is illustrated.  Wonderful for teaching simple Italian vocabulary.

My New Book

This 'Six-Penny Toy Book' is from 1880 put out by the Religious Tract Society in England.  It's text and illustrations aim to teach children correct behavior and the Christian faith.

Peter Rabbit

From 1921, this illustrated book tells the story of Peter Rabbit and his siblings:  Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail.  It's about their adventures in Mr. McGregor's garden. 


This 1927 book is not the classic text by Collodi, but it is charming all the same, and with many illustrations.

Robin Hood

This English book is part of 'The Robinson Crusoe' series of illustrated children's adventure books, from the late 1800s.  It tells the classic tale of Robin Hood.

The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin

Beatrix Potter of Peter Rabbit fame, tells this story of Squirrel Nutkin and his cousin Twinkleberry, from 1903.  As you would expect from Beatrix Potter, the illustrations are magical.

The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher

Also by Beatrix Potter, from 1906, is this story about the frog Mr. Jeremy Fisher.  This is an imaginative and amusing tale illustrated to perfection, as is usual of Beatrix Potter.

Three Little Pigs

This illustrated story of the Three Little Pigs is from 1931 and from the 'Junior Color Classics' series.  It's colorful alright.  Each page is illustrated.

Tin y Tina

This is an Italian book printed in Spanish.  You can read the Italian translation, but avoid the poor English translation unless you want a laugh or two.  It's about Tina and the little boy Tin who travel around the world  together in a little car.  No date on this one.

The Ugly Duckling

This is an 1890 telling of Hans Christian Anderson's tale of The Ugly Duckling from the 'Father Tuck's Nursery Tales Series'.  It's illustrated with pen and ink drawings and some beautiful color plates.

Wee Tony

This English book from 1900 is from 'The Tiny Tots Series' and it's about a day in the life of Wee Tony, a little baby boy who gets into all the things baby boys get into even today.  Very fun illustrations.  This might especially amuse bigger brothers and sisters who have a Tiny Tot in house.


The International Children's Digital Library

The ICDL offers scanned books in Italian.


La Biblioteca di Babele and Emilio Salgari

Italian author Emilio Salgari wrote over 100 adventure books for young adults and adventurous adults.  He's the Italian Jules Verne. 

  • Read this mini-bio from Roh Press if you wish to know more about Salgari.
  • And here is an enthusiastic review by a newcomer to Salgari's works, who regrets not having discovered him when a teen

La Biblioteca di Babele  has put many of his books on-line in three formats. 

  • standard HTML that you can read on-line. 
  • Microsoft Reader. 
  • a ZIP file with the book for download.

Here are direct links to a few of them.

I misteri della jungla nera - The Mysteries of the Black Jungle

Il Re del mare - The King of the Sea

Le due tigri - The Two Tigers

Project Gutenberg offers one book, La favorita del Mahdi, on-line to read, or in various formats to download.

Salgari's books have recently been republished by Fabbri in Italy to great success. 

And if you wish to purchase English translations, try the Roh Press.




Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a wonderful place on the Internet.  It's a place for bibliophiles. 

Thousands of out-of-copyright books are available on-line in various formats (e-books as well as HTML that can be read on-line) and they are ALL FOR FREE!

All their Italian books listed here.

Some for children that I've picked out:

Alice in Wonderland in Italian to read on-line or various formats to choose from to download.

First Italian Readings for young readers, including notes and a vocabulary list for each short story, on-line, and various formats to choose from to download.  The readings include Cinderella and other childhood favorites.

Lezioni e racconti per bambini - Readings and stories for children, with illustrations, to read on-line or to download in one of various formats.

Italian audio book of The Adventures of Pinocchio.  Available in various file formats including MP3 and iTunes.




Beautiful Flower Fairies by Artist Cicely Mary Barker