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Renaissance Figures / Figure Rinascimentale


These figures can be printed, colored, framed, or made into a paper dolls.




They are from woodcuts from Cesare Vecellio's Renaissance Costume Book first printed in the year 1590.


(Teachers:  You'll want to visit Cesare Vecellio's website, full of wonderful information and resource links.)


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Low Voter / Elettore Basso

Seller of Fowl / Cestar Voli

Citizen / Cittadino

Venetian Doge / Doge Veneziano

Average Woman / Donna Media

Noble Woman / Donna Nobile

Ornate Woman / Donna Ornata

Ecclesiastic Voter / Elettore Ecclesiatico

Secular Voter / Elettore Secolare

Woman from Gaeta / Donna di Gaeta

Gentle (Sophisticated) Woman / Donna Gentile

Young Man / Giovane

Fancy Young Man / Giovanotto

Woman from Livorno / Donna Livonica

Noble Matron / Matrona Nobile

Merchant / Mercanto

Ornate Noble Matron / Matrona Nobile Ornata

Young Woman from Ragusa / Giovanetta Ragusea

Noble Bride from Rome / Sposa Nobile Romana

Venetian Doge's Groom / Scudiere del Doge

Soldier / Soldato

Dantesque Bride / Sposa Dantescana

Noble Ornate Bride / Sposa Nobile Ornata

Woman from the Tirol / Donna di Tirolo