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Satellite image from EuroWEATHER site


RAI is the government TV and Radio authority in Italy.  Click on the first logo for the TV news, and the second one for the radio news.


Italia Radio is an Italian easy-listening music station available around the world.  Click on the logo to go to a page that tells you how to listen to it over your PC.


Images from "Il Commissario Montalbano", an Italian series of film-length episodes based on Andrea Camillieri's police procedural novels, a few of which have been translated into English.  The series stars Luca Zingaretti (a Mussolini look-alike) and is a huge hit in Italy and Germany.  Visit my Mysteries Set in Italy page.



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What's going on in Italy right this moment?  There are many sites that let you get a bird's-eye-view of events on the ground.  Here are a few for weather, radio, television, other media...



The EuroWEATHER site offers forecasts for towns throughout Italy, or by region.  With the forecast they provide a weather satellite image of Italy, a weather history for that area, and various weather data.  Click here or on the birds, to the right, to go to their page for Florence-Peretola (the local airport).  From the menu at the bottom of the left column you can go to Other Locations in Italy.



When you're on-line, you can listen to Italian radio.  The state RAI has a station that plays over the Internet that is compiled from programming on their three government stations.  Another station they offer is a collection in various languages of short-wave programming.  Click here or on the hummingbird at the feeder, to the right, to see how you can connect and nourish your love of Italian.



The RAI also has a TV broadcasting arm that shows Italian programs abroad over various RAI International divisions.  To find out which one broadcasts in your area and to see what they are showing (off), click here or on the peacock, to the right.  

Watch Italian Television with a live stream onto your computer.  Many local stations with news and current events shows, the weather, and even a movie channel.



For fans of web-cams there is a site that lists many cameras in Italy.  You can get a bird's-eye-view of events on the ground all over the peninsula.  Click here or on the long-distance duck, to the right, to go to that site.  Be forewarned, web-cams are often down, and you won't see much when it's night-time in Italy if the camera is outdoors!


Print Media on the Web

These are links to the major Italian print media.  Just click on the title to go to the on-line edition.  

La Famiglia Cristiana   :  Italy's top circulation magazine, offering the Vatican's point of view of Italy and the world

Corriere della Sera  :  Italy's top circulation newspaper, and not owned by media mogul Silvio Berlusconi, who is also Italy's Prime Minster (Presidente del Consiglio)

La Repubblica  :  a very popular tabloid-sized daily paper that started the competitive trend of giving away magazines and other goodies with the paper each week to boost circulation

La Stampa  :  daily newspaper that offers regional news sections

Il Sole 24 Ore  :  the daily business news, the voice of industry in Italy on Italian and international events

Panorama  :  a top weekly magazine that never fails to have a topless woman on the cover no matter what the lead story

The International Herald Tribune - Europe Section  :  this is the only paper on this list that prints in English, and they always have stories on Italy in their Europe section, often with a clearer perspective than the very politically biased Italian media, I highly recommend it

La Gazzetta dello Sport  :  the top sports newspaper in Italy, a country more obsessed than the European average with Calcio (football / soccer)

For a complete listing of Italian media and for a rundown of the latest news headlines in Italy, the Italia Mia site can't be beat.  Click here to go directly to the news page.  Click on the logo below to go to their home page.