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Venetian Glass from the Island of Murano




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So many sites spend paragraphs detailing the history of how glass came to be made on the Venetian island of Murano, assuming that you know why this would be of interest.

I'd rather wow you with the glass products made there and leave you to read about the history elsewhere, if you're interested. 


I doubt it!


Lamps that let you imagine you live in Casanova's Venice













There are modern lamps too!



Tableware that makes you feel like a Doge in his palace














Jewelry that could have decorated a Venetian beauty







Decorations that seem alive























The island of Murano is a 15 minute boat ride (vaporetto, boat-bus) from Venice. 

The island is dotted with shops like this one.


And you can visit factories and see a demonstration of glass making.

The town is built like Venice, on mud-flats.  The buildings run along canals.


Many of these images are promotional images from the Vetri di Murano site which offers in English, Italian, and French:

 Murano history  /  Murano glass company directory  /  Murano glass school listing

Some of the companies let you order on-line.



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Sama Ornaments ships beautiful mouth-blown glass objects around the world for very reasonable prices, with a secure payment system. 

 Here are just a few of their lovely items, including copies of antique animal perfume bottles. 

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Perfume Bottles

  Glass Perfume Bottle 0136 Glass Perfume Bottle 0132 Glass Perfume Bottle 0137

  Glass Perfume Bottle 0024 Glass Perfume Bottle 0019 Glass Perfume Bottle 0028 Glass Perfume Bottle 0027

Glass Perfume Animal Bottle 0012 Glass Perfume Animal Bottle 0008 Glass Perfume Animal Bottle 0011 Glass Perfume Animal Bottle 0006

 Glass Perfume Animal Bottle 0009 Glass Perfume Animal Bottle 0005 Glass Perfume Animal Bottle 0108 Glass Perfume Animal Bottle 0002

Candle Holders

  Glass Double Candle Holders 006 Glass Double Candle Holders 007 Glass Double Candle Holders 011

Oil Lamps

 Glass Oil Burner 001 Glass Oil Burner 005 Glass Oil Burner 006

Candy Dishes

 Glass Candy Dish 001 Glass Candy Dish 002 Glass Candy Dish 003


  Glass Christmas Large Ornament 0079 Glass Christmas Large Ornament 0075 Glass Christmas Large Ornament 0080