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Aerial Images of Italian Towns




Lucca's distinctive walls surround the town, as seen from space, courtesy of GoogleEarth.  See below for more space images.








These images are from Google Street View of Rome


























Street scene from a village near Lake Como from



San Gimignano in the distance, in Tuscany from



A view from the Chianti hills, between Florence and Siena in Tuscany from



Crossing the "street" in Venice.  Click on the image to view more like it from



Some lucky tourists touring Venice.  Click on the image to view more like it from



Il Ponte Vecchio in Florence.  Click on the image to view more like it from



The Tuscan landscape.  Click on the image to view more like it from



The Vatican's Saint Peter's Church from space courtesy of GoogleEarth




I've traveled in 13 countries and lived in 6 countries, and for me Italy has the most varied beauty of all of them.  The term bel paese is often used to refer to Italy, and to a very creamy Italian cheese that has the map of Italy as the logo on it's label.  

To give you an idea of how beautiful Italy is, or to remind you of sights you may have seen while traveling there, this page offers links to photo tours of parts of Italy.  There are also links to poster/prints sites that sell frameable images of Italy and Italian food.


Google Street View


If you've never used Google's Street View addition to their Maps site, now is the time to start.  Now you can have your own, private photo tour of Italy whenever you want. 


Every day the list of Italian towns photographed for Google's Street View are expanding.  Google collects the images and links them to their maps pages, so you can search for Rome, for example, then drag the little, golden Google Walker from the Zoom Bar to the map of the town.



When you do that, the streets that have been photographed for Street View become outlined in blue.  Drop the Google Walker where you want on the map, and the screen will automatically switch to Street View Mode.



In the bottom right of the screen, you have a box showing where you are on the map



To move the view around, you can:

  • click on the arrows that appear on the line on the screen, as shown above

  • double-click on the something in the image to move and zoom

  • drag the golden Google Walker to a new spot on the map in the inset-box

  • drag the mouse with the left button clicked down to turn the view around and move it up and down.


You can use the Street View feature to:

  • daydream

  • check on the hotels, sights, apartments, amenities for your upcoming vacation

  • relive your vacation

  • go window-shopping

  • check on property for sale

  • feel like you are there, walking along the streets of Italy, stopping for a gelato, people watching, grabbing a coffee before doing some shopping...

Okay, I was getting carried away there.  Sorry, but I guess you can see that I'm using the feature a bit.  I recommend you do too!  It's a lot of fun.  I include some images I've captured from Rome in the left column, just for fun.


Virtual Tours of Italy

This site offers photo tours of several Italian cities each with roughly 30-40 photos with accompanying descriptions.  Click on a city name to start a tour.

There is also a company that sells DVDs of walking tours of Italian towns (about 15$ each but with discounts if you buy more, and they have other countries, too) for people who want to watch them while exercising on a treadmill machine. 


There are clips you can watch at their website.  They really are like being there!  I've not bought from them.  If you have, put a note in my guestbook to tell me what you think.  Thanks!  Grazie!


And here are some free walking tours posted by tourists, on YouTube:


Tropea, Calabria - video for the first 5 minutes, then still photos for 2 minutes, a little rough


Venice - with music and ambient sounds, very nice, smooth, varied views, good quality, 7minutes


Sant'Andrea - not sure where this is in Italy, but it is fun to walk along with these hyphenated Italians, 9 minutes, and then there is a second part that is 7 minutes (I think he has a crush on Daniela!)


Florence - 9 minutes, the music isn't necessary, but the sights are nice


Pisa - 6 minutes, Leaning Tower


There are lots more on YouTube.  Look closely.  The amateur ones are nicest.





Photos of Italian Towns

These photo tours come from the Photo Roma site.  There are more cities listed on their site.  I've provided these links just to give you a selection.  Click on the city name to go to a gallery of photos that are free to view and to use.  

52 photos of S. Gimignano

313 photos of Siena

137 photos of Firenze

87 photos of Assisi

84 photos of Lucca

47 photos of Orvieto

118 photos of Perugia

68 photos of Pisa

87 photos of Pompeii

130 photos of Siena

55 photos of Roma

46 photos of Sansepolcro

67 photos of Venezia offers free photos of Italy (and other places and many things).  These cities are from their Italy list.  Click on one to open up the photo collection.

Apuane Alps
Castello di Brolio
Colle Alta
Italian Trasport
Lake Como
Marina di Pisa
Monte Carlo
Monte Pisano
Montecatini Terme
Monument to Victor Emmanuel
River Arno
San Gimignano
St Angel Castle
The Capitol
The Chianti Wine Region
The Roman Forum
The Spanish Steps
The Vatican
Trevi Fountain
Venice / Venezia



Claudia and Pippo, site visitors, have created the beautiful site PM News dedicated to sharing the Piedmont (Piemonte) region of Italy with others.  You'll find food, photo-tours, recipes, family history, and get a peek into the lives of some lovely people.  It's a site to warm all Italophiles' hearts.


360 Sardinia offers lots of photos, including 360 degree images, and lots of information for visitors to Sardinia (there are links to more 360 sites for Tuscany, Rome...).  The site makes fantastic use of embedded Google maps, so you can really plan your trip (or dream about one) in detail.

This is a great way to virtually visit a place, and to prepare for a trip.  You really get a feel for Sardinia, an island that is an amazing mix of ruggedness and sophistication.  It's Berlusconi's favorite vacation spot!


Victoria's Beautiful Italy Photo Links

Barbara Val's Italy Photo Links



Aerial Images of Italian Towns

Italy as seen from the sky, roughly translated.  These galleries are of aerial images of Italian cities.  This is not the usual view the tourist gets to see, which makes them fascinating.  The link above goes to the main list.  These towns are just a sampling of those available.  I show some images below.



Bassano del Grappa













Santa Margherita Ligure



















Some Aerial Images from L'Italia Vista dal Cielo...


Rome - Trevi Fountain



Rome - Piazza Navona



Pisa - Campo dei Miracoli



Bologna Center - Torre degli Asinelli



Assisi - Church of St. Francis



Florence - River Arno, Ponte Vecchio



Florence - Palazzo Pitti and Il Giardino Boboli



Florence - Piazza della Signoria



Bergamo - Cittą Alta, Church of Santa Maria Maggiore



Gubbio - Piazza della Signoria



Pisa's Miracle Square with the round Baptism building, the rectangle mausoleum, the cross structure of the cathedral, and at the top right of the image is the famous leaning bell tower.



Rome's Coliseum from space courtesy of GoogleEarth



Rome's monument to Vittorio Emanuele with the Campidoglio to the right, from space, courtesy of GoogleEarth



The Vatican's Saint Peter's Church from space courtesy of GoogleEarth



Milan's cathedral from space, Google Earth



Milano Galleria Vittorio Emanuele from space, Google Earth



Milano's Castello Sforzesco from space, Google Earth



Chianti from space, with her golden fields



Venice from space showing the Grand Canal snaking it's way along from train station to Saint Mark's Square and the Doge's Palace, with Giudecca Island at the bottom, and Murano Island above to the right.



Florence's cathedral from space courtesy of GoogleEarth



Florence's Palazzo Pitti and the Boboli Gardens from space, courtesy of GoogleEarth



Rome's Castel Sant'Angelo from space courtesy of GoogleEarth