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Rome's Coliseum from space courtesy of GoogleEarth






Rome's monument to Vittorio Emanuele with the Campidoglio to the right, from space, courtesy of GoogleEarth






Castel Sant'Angelo from space, courtesy of GoogleEarth






The Vatican's Church of Saint Peter from space courtesy of GoogleEarth












Isola Tiberina.   Painting by Ettore Roesler Franz from the late 19th century.






Isola Tiberina.   Painting by Ettore Roesler Franz from the late 19th century.
























  Some Aerial Views of Rome, for more aerial views of Italy, see my Photo Tours of Italy page.


An aerial view of the Trevi Fountain in Rome.






An aerial view of Piazza Navona in Rome.


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Rome is called the Eternal City.  It is the the center of government for modern day Italy, and was the same for the ancient Roman empire.  

The citizens of Rome are proud of their heritage.  Other Italians make fun of the Roman pride, and tease that the city was better run in ancient times than it is today.  Certainly the water supply was more abundant!


Virtual Tours and Real Tours

To help you organize your visit to Rome, stop by Angelina's Rome Sightseeing Website.  Lots of great information.  And you can get her FREE e-book guide for those who only have a weekend in the Eternal City.

Google offers a virtual tour of ancient Rome using a Gallery layer in their Google Earth program.  Here's a YouTube video explaining it and offering a download (free) at the end.


If you've never been to Rome, or want to relive your visit, click on the logo below to go on a virtual tour of the city.  

Like all large cities, Rome's neighborhoods have slightly different characteristics reflecting their history, so when in Rome, it's a good idea to divide your wanderings between the various districts.  A detailed, clickable map of Rome can help in your planning.  

Click on the map image to go to a detailed, clickable, enlargeable map of Rome online.  But for a quick overview of Rome's monuments, this listing is excellent.

To plan a tour of the Jewish history in Rome, which boasts one of the oldest continuous Jewish settlements in Europe and the world, click here to view a virtual tour.

This online guide is one of the classic ones for planning your wanderings:  Fodors.

They offer information on cafes, bars, restaurants, accommodation, shops and services.  

The Spanish Steps in Rome, leading to the Villa Borghese and gardens

This site offers opening times and prices of all the major monuments, churches, and museums in Rome.  Click here or on the logo to visit the site.  They link to information on other Italian cities, too. 


The Vatican City

Rome is also the home of the Pope, the head of the Catholic church, and home to the central administration of the Catholic church, both housed in the Vatican City.  

The Vatican City is considered a separate state within Italy, thus the famous Vatican postage stamps purchased for hundreds of thousands of tourists' postcards sent home from there every year.

Inside St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican City.

Believe it or not, the Vatican has a website.  It is very informative, especially if you're planning to visit the Vatican museums.  Click on the logo to go to the site.


Ancient Rome

If you're fascinated with ancient Rome, there are the ruins, of course, and also many museum exhibits to explain what you are seeing and what life in ancient Rome used to be like.  There is also a site that tells you what daily life in ancient Rome was like.  

A view of part of the Roman Forum ruins. 

I've a page comparing life in ancient Rome to life today in Italy.  It has many links to sites that can offer a background to life in ancient Rome.  


Hotels, Apts, Stories

Check out the very easy to use Hotel Rome listing at the site.  It divides the city into districts, which is very helpful. offers lots of apartments and hotels in Rome to rent.  The site helps you narrow your search by letting you select all sorts of features (filters) to find the perfect place for your Roman holiday.  The prices vary from budget to five star.  And they offer many languages for you to choose from for their site interface.

The Leon Houses site gives a nice explanation of what they offer and why: 

"Why a hotel room when you can spend your holidays surrounded by the comfort and safety of a large, comfortable and finely furnished Holiday Apartment in Rome?  A holiday apartment for rent in Rome is a chance to combine money savings with an incomparable location in the city centre, between Roman restaurants and astonishing artistic beauties." 

I assume the beauties the are talking about are not the Romans themselves, but I could well be wrong! offers a wide selection of boutique hotels in Italy.  You can search the selection by price, popularity, region, city, and even by hotel type (i.e. boutique, historic, gourmet, family, design, luxury, romantic, spa, nature and many, many more) and features (i.e. internet, city, sea, pool, spa and many more).  There is even an option to check for those hotels offering the best discounted prices.  I link here to their Lazio Hotels.

The Roman Homes site offers personal service with luxury apartments, and villas with pools, that they personally manage.  They also have helpful maps and lots of images to help you see just where you'll be staying in Rome if you rent via them.  They also offer an informative, free, online guide to Rome.

This site is interesting for their complete listing of hotels in Rome.  They link to other pages on Florence and Milan, and offer apartment listings too.  Click on the logo to visit the site.

Site visitor, Rome Rents, offers a selection of quality, centrally located apartments on short and long term in the historic center of Rome.  All the apartments are in central Rome close to all the main sights.  The apartments are fully furnished and bed and bath linen provided, as well as all kitchenware.

One tourist couple have put together some wonderful web pages describing their visit to Rome.  Be sure to check out their other pages on other Italian cities, too. 

For other stories about Rome, click here or on the Anecdotage site logo to see their collection. 


Books About Rome

If you'd like to read more about Rome before your trip, or checkout the printed guidebooks, you can use this Search tool to see what's available from, what people say about the books, and what they cost.  

Just enter 'Books' in the 'Search' field, and 'Rome Italy' (for example, or you could put 'Vatican' or 'Rome Italy camping'...).  Then click on the 'Go' button to see the resulting list.

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Here are some selections I've made of books, DVDs, CDs and a game.






Here are two 'literary guides' to Rome, combining descriptions of Rome and sights to visit, with writings by famous authors, for the 'literary tourist'.