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Sunflower Poem from Kansas












This clock ticks by the seconds with a honeybee, and the pot is the clock pendulum, swinging with each click.  For the read sunflower fanatic!  39$ from They have other flower and sunflower-clocks to choose from.





Click here or on one of the posters below to go to my page that shows you more and tells you where to buy them.












Silk flower arrangement










Click here or on these two photos below to go to my page that shows you more images and tells you where to get them for free.  Some are screensavers.










These are two of the sunflower greeting cards available from a free Dutch e-card site.  The card text is in English and the instructions in Dutch so it will be an adventure to send them unless you know both languages.  Click on one of the cards to go to their page.



Images of Sunflowers

Sunflower Coloring Pages for Children

All About Sunflowers

Garden Projects for Children

Free Art Prints of Sunflowers

Books and Calendars about Sunflowers

Self-Sticking Sunflower Accents

Wallpaper Murals of Sunflowers



Many people associate sunflowers with Tuscany, Italy.  Actually they are grown in many regions of the country, even more in Umbria than in Tuscany.

The cultivation of sunflowers in southern Europe took off when the European Union offered generous subsidies for the cultivation of oil producing sunflowers in an effort to reduce the embarrassing wine and milk lakes their other subsidies had created.  

Whether it has been successful is debatable, but it has certainly brightened up the countryside of Italy, France and Spain.


Images of Sunflowers

If you can't have freshly cut sunflowers around the house, images of sunflowers can pick you up just the same.  I've put together two pages of images and links to where you can get them for free, and some you can buy.

The first page shows images from a poster company that sells over the Internet.  They offer artwork and photo posters in many different sizes.  Some of the images on this page are from their selection.  Click here or on the happy sunflower, to the right, to access that page. 

The second page is of free images of sunflowers.   One images from a free screen saver and wallpaper company that allows you to download 5 images a day, including many of sunflowers and Italy, and from hundreds of other categories.  

There is also a link to a site that offers free images of sunflowers and Italy.  Some of the images on this page are from these sites.  Click here or on the fast-growing sunflower in the pot, to the right to go to that page. 



Sunflower Coloring Pages for Children

For children, you can print out a page-sized sunflower like those above for them to color.  Click here or on one of the images above to go to the Coloring Pages from where they can be printed.  And they have an online sunflower 'slider puzzle'.  And garden coloring pages with fruit and vegetables.

A color-by-number sunflower coloring page.

A big sunflower to color from Primary Games.

Potted sunflowers to color, and more potted sunflowers.

A beautiful wildflower sunflower to color.

A big sunflower from Kansas to color.

I've made some Coloring Pages too, of Italian-related things, including some sunflowers (A Swag of Sunflowers, Potted Sunflowers).

Victoria's Sunflower Photo Links


All About Sunflowers

Ohio State University offers a fact sheet on sunflowers that is succinct and helpful if you are planning to grow and eat the seeds

The Horticultural Home Pest News offers an on-line history of sunflowers.  It's actually very interesting; the kind of trivia you can use to win games with, or to scare away unwanted company.  Click here to read how sunflowers came from the Americas, went to Russia, and came back again better than before.

And there is a National Sunflower Association site with lots of info, too.  Be sure to come back here after checking out these links.  There's lots more below!

Here are a few books aimed at teaching children about sunflowers, available from


Free Art Prints of Sunflowers

I've created some free art prints of Sunflowers you can download and print out on a color printer.  

I've applied a simulated wax coating to free images of Italy, and come up with six series of prints, post-card sized.  You can always enlarge them if you wish, but remember, you use more colored ink printing a large image.  

I've placed them in MS-Word documents so they are ready to print.  You can also download the image itself, as always, by using the right mouse button.  They look best when printed on matte photo paper, and are beautiful framed in groups.

Small versions of the Sunflower prints appear in the left column of this page.  You can click on one of them, or here, to link to the gallery page that has all the instructions you need.  From the gallery page, you can visit the other five galleries of prints or click on the links below.

Farm - 5 images

Florence - 4 images

Rome - 6 images

Sunflower - 4 images

Venice  - 6 images

Village - 5 images


Books About Sunflowers

My list of books about sunflowers at

My list of sunflower calendars at

If you want to find more specific books about sunflowers at, you can use this Search tool.

Just enter 'Books' in the 'Search' field, and 'sunflower history' (for example, or 'sunflower gardens'...) in the 'Keyword' field.  Then click on the 'Go' button to see the resulting list.

Amazon Logo

Here are a two sunflower items from Amazon: a grow chart and a sprinkler.



The Free Art Prints of Sunflowers below are from my site.  They look wonderful framed and hung as a set.  Just click on one to see how to download them.  You need to have a color printer, and they look best on photo paper.



Sunflower Wallpaper Murals

And here are some sunflower wallpaper murals.  Just click on the image to go to the on-line seller where you'll find, size, price, availability information, and a larger image. To see more images and to find out more about decorating with wallpapers murals (and posters), see my Wallpaper Mural page.

Sunflower Coast Scenic II

Sunflower Picture Window

Sunflower Door Swag - Taupe Color

Sunflower Door Swag - Yellow Color

Sunflower Door Poster


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