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Purchase Traditional, Religious Christmas Cards in Italian or English

 Go directly to Christmas Card Shop.

(Outside the U.S. and Canada?  Now you can go to your local Zazzle version of my shop:  Zazzle UK  /  Zazzle Australia  /  Zazzle New Zealand  /  Zazzle Nederland  /  Zazzle Duitsland  /  Zazzle Spain)

I've resorted to custom-making some traditional, religious Christmas cards in Italian, and some in English, all with  beautiful Italian art religious images, set in golden frames.  Resellers welcome.  You can choose from the following texts:

  • Italian Christmas Greeting
  • English Christmas Greeting (Merry & Happy)
  • the Lord's Prayer in Italian
  • the Hail Mary prayer in Italian
  • a simple prayer by St. Francis of Assisi
  • a Tuscan chocolate candy recipe on English
  • a recipe for delicious Zabaione in English
  • La Befana Epiphany cards with and without explanations
  • or 3 different prayers by St. Francis in English

You can customize the cards by adding extra text and images, on-line, before ordering, for example your family's name and a photograph, or a family recipe or prayer, or family news. 

And you can choose between two card sizes.  There are also generous quantity discounts, which are applied to the total number of cards you buy, so you can order a selection of the cards.  Cards come with envelopes.

They are for sale via the my shop hosted at, a large, family oriented, on-line custom-products seller.  They ship around the world.  You can pay by secure credit-card payments. 

They often offer discounts leading up to the holidays, or free shipping, so it's a good idea to sign up for their e-mail alerts.   You are free to resell my cards.

Here are some of my cards.  Some are with 'Buon Natale', others with 'Merry Christmas', some with 'Happy Christmas'.  Click through to the shop for a full selection.  Lots of beautiful Madonna and Child images.

My Christmas Card Shop at Zazzle



These cards feature the Italian Befana, the witch who arrives on January 6th, with lumps of coal, candy and gifts.  Some cards have a description of the tradition, some Epiphany greetings.  Click through a card or to the shop to see more and all the options.

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These cards have recipes inside.  Click through to the shop to see all the cards you can choose from.  Lots of beautiful Italian art images.  Lots of choices.

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Design a personalized gift at Zazzle.



This is a Madonna and Child card with a Saint Francis prayer.







These cards have St. Francis of Assisi prayers in English.  Click through on any card, or to the shop to see more.

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Design personalized gifts at Zazzle.



Here are more of my cards, click through to the shop for more info.  Remember, you can easily customize them if you want, with family photos, family name and news, etc. 

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My Christmas Card Shop at Zazzle



They offer very generous quantity discounts on cards.  The prices come down very quickly!  And they apply to the total number of cards you buy, which means you can order a selection of the cards, not only one.

And take advantage of their special offers during the holidays.


Resellers are welcome to purchase the cards and sell them in their shops.  As the cards are customizable, you can add your shop name to the back of the cards.  I would suggest ordering a selection of the cards and taking advantage of the quantity discounts and free shipping offers.  All cards come with envelopes.

Traditional Christmas Cards
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Traditional religious Christmas cards are generally preferred in Catholic Italy, especially if sending them to older persons. 

Victorian Art for Christmas Cards Below

Italian Art for Christmas Cards Below

To perform the functions listed under the heading at the top of the page, just move your mouse cursor over the picture you want, then right-click the mouse to access a menu.  Click on the menu option you want.

The menu options should include: 

  • print the image,

  • send the image as an attachment to an e-mail message,

  • save the image as a file to your PC,

  • set the image as the background image on your PC's main screen.


Victorian Art for Christmas Cards

































Italian Art Images for Christmas Cards
























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