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While the old-world, Mediterranean style of home decoration is very popular, it's the world of modern design in which Italians and Italian companies really excel:
  • furniture
  • lamps
  • kitchen utensils
  • decorative objects
  • clothing
  • industrial design....

Students at Italian universities can study in a field only generally called 'Architecture'.  What they are really studying is industrial design.

They're hired by firms requiring fresh approaches to everyday objects, that most of us take for granted.  The Italian companies also hire the best designers from around the world.  And they all deliver.  The images on this page prove that! 

I've provided images of various pieces of modern design furniture and household objects (vases, appliances, dishes).

You can click through to the very creative websites of the various design companies.  Take a peek when you have some time...


BRF Colors s.r.l. (above) Thinking outside the box...



Architettura Sonora -- Applying Italian style and traditional materials to make a modern necessity gorgeous:  terracotta stereo speakers that look like works of art.









Simple elegance in the bedroom...






Bello Audio / TV / Home Theatre Furniture

Two light and airy home theatres.  Who would have thought it possible?







Using old materials (glass and stone) in new ways...






Gerosa Design

Streamlined comfort...








Alessi Housegoods

Two approaches to the vase.





Coffee makers that seem alive...




...and some very unusual cups and saucers...



 Alessi Products at

Arredamenti Santiccioli



Two very different looking pieces of furniture that perform the same function...




Tiempo Interiors

(Beautiful slide-show presentations of amazing products on their website)



Coffee tables that are works of art...









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