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(Room images from Drexel Heritage and Century Furniture sites.)


Framed prints of Italy-related images are an inexpensive and relatively simple way of bringing Italy inside your home.

While large posters can make a home look like a dorm-room, small prints framed in groups look chic.  



They look best grouped tightly in identical or similar frames



They can be all of the same size, or varied.  The key is to have it in what designers call 'balance'.  They are talking about the 'visual weight' of objects, not necessarily requiring identical symmetry.  



The groupings should look well-positioned on the wall, in relation to the wall space and in relation to the furniture groupings in the room.   Eye-level is best for the central point of the arrangement.  



You should look through your own photographs of Italy, if you have any, and consider enlarging some and framing them.  It's a much more personal decor. 

And if you're in Italy, take images with enlarging and framing in mind

  • Take images without people in them, of landscapes or objects. 

  • Take several images of similar objects that will look nice framed together.

  • Consider subjects such as topiary, architectural elements, doorways, windows, gardens, room settings, potted plants, market stalls, pasta displays, wine selections, country roads, hilltop views...

Just one last tip regarding matt color.  Putting a matt, a colored cardboard frame around your print sets off the print well within the frame.  To set it off even better, select a minor color from within the print itself, as your matte color. 



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