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Italian Music: Modugno, Mina, Verdi...


Live Stream Italian TV Music Channel



C. Bartoli


Eurovision / San Remo


Watch a live stream of an Italian music TV channel from Naples that plays only Italian music.


The iconic Domenico Modugno, master singer-songwriter known throughout the world.



Domenico Modugno's recordings are still available from all the online CD sellers.  Click on the album image to visit his informative website.    



Here's Mr. Modugno singing his most famous hit, a winner at the 1958 San Remo song festival, and then a hit around the world for the entire year after, and was awarded 2 Grammy awards in the U.S. for best record and best song. 

Just click on the arrow to start the video (sometimes it needs two clicks).



Here's a favorite of many Italians, as you'll see by the comments people have left.



Visit and search for Domenico Modugno, and you can enjoy more clips of this late, great performer and song-writer.








'Classic' Mina


Mina interprets songs rather than just sings them.  Her voice is supple, expressive, both warm and sharp...really everything a pop singer should be.  


Here's a clip to give you an idea of what I mean.



This clip shows the amazing transformations Mina has made over the course of her very long career.



And this is a recent release.

















Two images of the revamped La Fenice Concert Hall in Venice



This clip of Walter Fraccaro singing Nessun Dorma in La Fenice shows much of the amazing theatre while you can listen to his amazing voice.









Verdi still lives.  Here is an original clip of Zucchero singing with Pavarotti a version of Va Pensiero from the Opera Nabucco, probably Verdi's most famous piece.



Visit and search for Verdi for more traditional versions of Verdi pieces.





Italy has a growing number of pop-opera singers.  Here are few clips for you to enjoy.


Alessandro Safina's first big hit 'Luna' with amazing images of the Earth and the Moon



More Earth and Moon shots here, with Andrea Boccelli's beautiful 'Canto della Terra'






Italy has it's version of 'Dancing With the Stars' (Ballando con le stelle) and like everywhere, it's very popular.  But unlike everywhere, the dancing on the show is wonderful!  It's hosted by the beautiful Ms. Carlucci.



Here's a link to a book about Italian-American crooners, written by someone on the insides, with an introduction by Jerry Vale.



Want to hear the Italian national anthem, with sub-titles in English?  Here it is from YouTube.



Domenico Modugno


"Classical Music"

Giuseppe Verdi

Music CDs

Music DVDs

Ballroom Dancing



Italians love popular music.  Children and parents often listen to the same musical groups, sharing a fascination with new music and musical talents.   

This caused a stir when Madonna toured Italy with her traffic-cones strapped-to-the-chest show.  An audience of pre-teens and their parents were subjected to Madonna simulating sex on stage.  

When the parents complained about not being warned ahead of time, so they wouldn't bring their pre-teens, and presumably would go without them, Madonna didn't get it.  

She instead responded that she would not compromise her artistic vision.  No one was asking her to do that.  All they wanted was a warning as to how low her artistic vision and fallen.

All music styles, in fact, are popular in Italy.  You can find jazz, classical, rap, pop, fusion...  Wikipedia has a great page about Italian music, is you want an overview and lots of names of performers to check out.

There are also many music festivals in Italy throughout the year, so look carefully before traveling there, so you can try to arrange you trip to coincide with a festival or concert, if that's what  you enjoy.  Music Festivals in Italy

On this page, I just hit the highlights, or the must-knows of Italian popular music history.


Domenico Modugno

Domenico Modugno is often cited as Italy's most talented and famous singer-songwriter (and a popular actor), the father of Italy's "classic" music.   

His most famous number is 'Nel blu dipinto di blu' which is often referred to as 'Volare'.  It came first place at the San Remo Song Festival of 1958, but placed third in the Eurovision Song Festival.  

It seems Eurovision was determined to upset the Italians even way back when (see Eurovision).  The song also won in 1958 two Grammy awards in the States for best record and best song.  

Mr. Modugno in Washington D.C.

There's an official Domenico Modugno site, in Italian.  Not all the links work all the time, but the site's very nice when they do.

My list of Domenico Modugno CDs at (You can listen to some songs on-line)