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Illustration by Attilio Mussini from the 1911 edition of The Adventures of Pinocchio




Illustration by Enrico Mazzanti from the first edition of The Adventures of Pinocchio in 1883






The cover of the free illustrated e-book edition of The Adventures of Pinocchio (PDF) available from this website


A sample page from the e-book


A sample page from the e-book







There is a Pinocchio amusement park in the town of Collodi, in Italy, the home town of the author, Lorenzini, which he took as his pen-name.  They have a wonderful website, with charming animations, explanations, and even games for children to play.  





You can find out everything Pinocchio related in a wide range of products by searching through's offerings with this search tool.  Just leave 'All Products' in the 'Search' field, then enter 'Pinocchio' in the 'Keywords' field.  Then click on the 'Go' button to get the full list of items.  I link directly to a few of them below.

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If you live in Florida, USA, you can see a live marionette show at Pinocchio's Marionette Theatre.  They do birthday parties.




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Carlo Lorenzini (Collodi), the author

The Italian author, Carlo Lorenzini, took the name of his mother’s village as his pen name, Collodi.  Early in his career, he wrote satirical articles and plays.  After translating some children's stories for an Italian publisher, be began to write children’s stories for publication in magazines and as books. 

From 1881 to 1883 he wrote the stories that make up The Adventures of Pinocchio.  They appeared as installments in a magazine for children called Giornale per i bambini, “Magazine for Children”. 

After the last installment in 1883, all the installments were collected together in a book which has become the third most popular book ever written.  

The Adventures of Pinocchio has been translated into over two hundred languages.  It has been called a manual for childhood, and it has proven to be a manual that can easily cross cultural divides.

Carlo Lorenzini died seven years after the publication of the first edition of The Adventures of Pinocchio.  By then, the book had entered into it's fifth printing and it has never been out of print, somewhere in the world, since.


Free E-book Edition of The Adventures of Pinocchio

The Adventures of Pinocchio is a classic Italian children's story that is available in an English translation as a public domain plain-text file.  From that file, I've created an illustrated e-book (PDF) edition of The Adventures of Pinocchio, for free distribution from this page, to be read using the Acrobat Reader.  

If you need help with e-books, try my free Lessons on E-text and E-book downloading and reading, available from the main page of this site.

I've formatted the e-book pages in landscape with an enlarged text size.  This means you can page through the book without needing to scroll, or to enlarge the text size to read it with ease.  This also means it is a size that children can read on their own, needing to use only one or two buttons from the Reader window to page through the story.

When you click here, or on the talking parrot (like the one in the story) to the right, the PDF file will open automatically in the Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.  Once it is fully loaded (all 321 pages), use the Reader's Save File As feature to save the file to a directory on you computer.  Later, you can open it either in the Acrobat Reader or from your Windows Explorer window by double-clicking on it.  

I selected over 250 images that would complement the text, but could also offer the reader an opportunity to discuss aspects of life and the world around us with the lucky child to whom he is reading.  The images are usually of an object or animal mentioned in the story, but they sometimes offer a distraction from a particularly sad passage. 

The story was written in a different time, so there are parts of the work that focus on the harsh realities of that period (1880's) which no longer apply to the lives of most children in the West today.  The reader can easily skip those passages and discuss instead the image provided. 

The e-book is free and you are free to give it to friends and colleagues.  The file has been checked for viruses and is clean.  Be sure you keep it that way before you pass it around.  It might be easier to just send people a link to this page so they can download it directly from here.


Three Illustrated Chapters

It you'd like, you can read the first three chapters of my illustrated Pinocchio on-line as normal pages of this site.  Click here to go to the first three chapters.


The Sequel

The Heart of Pinocchio (1919) is a sequel written by Collodi's nephew.  It is available, free, online via the Gutenberg Press.

Link to the download page from which you can select a book format such as Kindle, EPub, etc.

To read the book online, or to preview what is in the book, this is the link to the HTML version, which includes the illustrations.


In the Original Italian

Project Gutenberg offers a free audio book version of the Italian text that you can download.

And the Biblioteca Italiana online has the Italian version available to read online (thank you Erich, for the link tip).


Pinocchio Books

My list of Pinocchio books at

And Visit my Children's Books Page


Pinocchio in Other Media

According to the Internet Movie Database, Pinocchio is the major character in over 22 films, 6 TV movies, 5 TV series, and one video game! 

The latest film version is Roberto Benigni's 2002 release of Pinocchio.  The character, as described by Lorenzini in his stories, seems perfectly suited to Benigni's comic style.

Cover of the DVD of Roberto Benigni's film version of Pinocchio from 2002


My list of Pinocchio DVDs at