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Strega Nona

Tomie dePaola was born to parents of Italian and Irish descent in the U.S.A. in 1934.  For over forty years he's worked as an illustrator and writer of children's books.  

His best known and most beloved stories are about Strega Nona (Grandmother Witch), an elderly, magical, grandmother living long ago in a village in Calabria, Italy.  He says he based Strega Nona loosely on his Italian grandmother.  

There are eight Strega Nona stories.  I link below to all eight at, and to a DVD of Strega Nona, and the story of the Befana by Mr. dePaola.  Amazon lets you look inside all the books.

Below you'll also find two very entertaining reviews of Strega Nona by children, taken from


Mr. dePaola's Website

Mr. dePaola has his own website.  

He offers a biography of himself, frequently asked questions with answers, a calendar for the month including gardening chores, and much more.

He even has Coloring Pages, including an image of Strega Nona!


Two Children's Reviews of Strega Nona from Amazon

These charming reviews are reproduced from

A Kid's Review
I think this book is really good because it is used with a lot of imaginary. I like how that book has scenes in boxes because it has order in how you are going to read it. 

I recommend this book because it is imaginary and makes you think on it. It has a lot of scenes and drawings that it can make you think about it. It will be good if you read it and think before you switch the page, what will happen? 

It is good for the kids that are just starting to read is just like when you start to walk. It is short too. For the ones that are lazy whit reading, and don't want to read a lot.

A Kid's Review
This book was about a lady lived in a villige. Her name was Strega Nona, nona had a magic pot and she made spegatti out of that pot. Nona was gettin old and she needed someone to do her works at home, she said she's going to feed that person and give that person place to sleep.

She haired a guy. One day she was going to visit her friend's she told the guy to clean the house but do not touch my magic spot, when she left he touched it n made a lot of sppagatti's he couldn't stop it, he messed up the village, when she came she stoped it and she gave the boy punish to eat all sppagatti's. 

This book was intresting and helpful for people, because it teaches you not to touch thing's that people tells you not to.


For Parents and Teachers

This Teacher's Resource Page provides all kinds of information and links (not all of them work) for any adult wishing to provide more background about Tomie dePaola and Strega Nona for children.  

The University of Iowa offers a study guide to Strega Nona

The Children's Lit site has an very short interview with Mr. dePaola, but lots of reviews of his books, some written by him, some illustrated, some both.

On the Penguin Books site, there is this interview with Mr. dePaola in which he talks about his first book for older children (a chapter book).  It is autobiographical, about his growing up in his Irish/Italian family in Connecticut, in the U.S.A.: 26 Fairmont Avenue.

An on-line quiz about Strega Nona by other children.  This is very sweet.


Awards and Other Books

The American Library Association annually awards children's books with The Caldecott Honor Books and Medal.  Mr. Tomie dePaola won the title of Honor Book in 1976 for Strega Nona.  

And he's received the Newbery Honor Award and the New Hampshire Governor's Arts Award of Living Treasure, Smithson Medal from Smithsonian Institution,
Regina Medal from Catholic Library Association.  And many of his other books have won awards of their own.

 All Tomie dePaola books at


Strega Nona Books at Amazon 

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