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Christmas and Hanukkah Florencia Cards Below


Here are some images from the paper that you can copy to use on note paper and such (it is not under copyright that I could find).  Right click your mouse over an image to get a menu of ways to use the image and copy it to your computer.





















Florentia is the classic Florentine paper sold in many formats such as:

  • invitations, 

  • stationary, 

  • books, 

  • bookmarks, 

  • blotters, 

  • gift wrap paper,

  • boxes,

  • diaries,

  • photo albums....



You can purchase it in most quality stationary stores around the world, and in Florence, of course, on almost every street corner, or it seems.

Nothing compares to the quality of the real thing, well worth the price paid.  I highly recommend it for a special gift or occasion.

When in Florence, the headquarters of all that is refined in paper products is the store Pineider, in business since 1774.  They have a wonderfully creative website that is a pleasure to browse.  And they have an English version, too.  On the site, you can find the addresses of stores that carry their beautiful paper (and leather, etc.) products, in Italy and around the world.  You can also purchase from their website shop.


In the US, you can buy Italian stationary, including the classic lines, from the online store Eye Italia.  You can also find at their store beautiful Italian products for your home, like linens, perfumes, books, and fabrics.






Finmark in Australia also carries some Florentia products, under the Specials category, Italian Stationary.  You need to make an account with them, and the mainly sell wholesale.


Made In Florence features the Il Papiro store that carries lines of paper products of similar quality that they sell on-line: 



a Florence Pattern,


and Florence style stationary.



I've created some Florencia designed cards for Christmas and Hanukkah that you can order from, and customize them with your own personal message.  Bulk discounts, too.

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