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Florentine Costumes, and Post-Card Art of Florence, Paper Dolls


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 Santa Maria Novella




Abito dei contadini (Peasant Costumes)




There is a wonderful book about the customs of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance that includes many images, and tons of curious information.

It is available to read on-line via Gutenberg Press, for free.

Manners, Customs, and Dress During the Middle Ages, and During the Renaissance Period.

By Paul Lacroix
(Bibliophile Jacob),
Curator of the Imperial Library of the Arsenal, Paris.

Illustrated with
Nineteen Chromolithographic Prints by F. Kellerhoven
and upwards of
Four Hundred Engravings on Wood


Florentine Costumes

If you are interested in historical costumes, The Costumer's Manifesto site is the bible.  They offer great descriptions of:

And if you have or know children, they may enjoy a Paper Doll Series of costumes available from  They all cost under 6$.  See the titles I've collected in the left column.



Paper Doll Costume Collections

Believe it or not, there is a whole series of Paper Dolls with various costumes, for children (supposedly!), from  Here are a few...



Post-Card Art

In the days before cameras became common-place items in a tourist's bag, visitors to towns would purchase picture post-cards as remembrances of their journey.  

The cards were reproductions of drawings, with colors added.  To the modern eye, the effect is charmingly nostalgic of the 'Grand Tour' era of travel.

Check out my Framed Prints Page for ideas about how to display them in your home.



 Palazzo Vecchio



 Bell Tower



 Il Ponte Vecchio



 Santa Maria Novella



 Loggia dei Lanzi



Abito dei contadini (Peasant Costumes)



Abito dei contadini di Masiano (Masaiano Peasant Costumes)



Abito delle contadine (Peasant Women Costumes)



Abito dei contadini di Montale (Montale Peasant Costumes)


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