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L'Amande Marseilles Line



Some products from the Menage Line



Almond Milk and Honey products from the Armomatique Line



The line includes the local Ligurian scents of:  Anise and Blackberry, Lemon Balm and Black Cherry, Masterwort and Pomegranate, Elder and Strawberry Trees, Wormwood and Black Current, Almond Milk and Honey, Lavender and Myrtle.



The Elder and Strawberry Products / Armomatique Line



Eau di parfum from the Fleuri Line



The line includes the local Ligurian floral scents of:  Honeysuckle, Cornflower, Citrus Blooms, Broom, Butterbush, Gillyflower.  You can read about these scents on their site.



The Perfumed Soaps from the Fleuri Line



Cucina's Lemon and Olive Oil Kitchen Soap at Amazon


Italians, like most Europeans, prefer liquid soaps in their baths and for their hands.  Those soaps tend to be international brands from international companies.

But there are some Italian companies that produce the traditional bar soaps, like the Sapone di Marseilles (a castile soap made with olive oil).   One of those companies is L'Amande.  They have a wonderful website that I link through to so you can get more information on their beautiful products.

L'Amande has done a wonderful job of keeping the old products, while adapting to the new products customers want.  Their Marseilles Line, for example, includes shampoos, liquid soaps, oils, creams, deodorants, lip moisturizers, even toothpaste!  And they have several other lines too:

Sapone di Marseilles gift packs

Ligurian scents, natural bath and beauty products

Ligurian floral scents in bath foams, soaps, and eau di parfum, in boxed sets

L'Amande distributes exclusively through select erboristerie (herbalists) and farmacie (pharmacies) in Italy.  So when you're in Italy, check for one near you on their distributor map.

And when in Italy, be sure to check out some of the other erboristerie and farmacie.  Many produce their own soaps and scents.

If you're not in Italy, you can always find pure, olive oil castile soap on-line from Caswell and Massey America's oldest chemists and perfumers (from 1752). 

Another source is's Olivella olive oil soaps:  bar soaps, liquid soaps, and moisturizer.



 Olivella Olive Oil Soaps at

But for a truly Italian/Mediterranean scented soap, there can only be one:  rosemary soap.  

Rosemary grows wild throughout the Mediterranean basin, and has been used for centuries in incense, ointments, and beauty products.

Rosemary's aroma is known to stimulate the memory, and to reduce nervous tension.  So when you use rosemary soap, you can first remember, and then lather your cares away. 

You can normally find rosemary soap, often in combination with lavender, at herbalist or health food stores.  And there are many rosemary soaps available from (oils and creams, too). 

 Rosemary Soaps and Oils at

One of the soaps available from is Cucina's rosemary and goat's milk exfoliating soap.  

They offer other interesting items such as ginger and Sicilian lemon hand cream, and a kitchen soap with lemon and olive oil, to remove food scents from your hands.

 Cucina Products at

Cucina's Ginger and Sicilian Lemons Hand Cream at Amazon




























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